Tax considerations for FIFO workers

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As with all our common tax deductions lists, this isn't exhaustive.

As with all our common tax deductions lists, this isn’t exhaustive. Please enter an image description.If you think (or hope) there is something you can claim for, keep hold of the receipt and ask your accountant. Individual situations vary, and they will be able to advise you.

Source: JUST FSG

So Mining workers, FIFOs and Engineers, just what can you claim as a tax deduction?

  • Uniforms with employer logo
  • Laundry / Dry cleaning / Repairs to uniforms that have your employer logo on them
  • Sun protection items
  • Protective equipment not supplied by your employer e.g. overalls, gloves, steel toe boots
  • Training
  • Self education or training courses that relate specifically to your current job you may be able to claim. This includes related costs like books, stationery, internet
  • Work equipment, including the cost of buying and repairing equipment you use at work e.g. log book, work bag, briefcase, laptop
  • Meals / incidental expenses when you are away from home or do overtime can be claimed. Please note that the maximum claim per meal for overtime is $26.45 without a receipt although you will need to show how you calculated the amount claimed. However, you only claim travel allowance in deduction section if you receive a travel allowance from the company that you work for. If you spend more than you have received in allowance, you are able to claim the amount that you spend but you need to have the receipts/ written evidence on you
  • Travel / The cost of using your car, parking, tolls, taxis and public transport if you are required to travel to attend seminars, meetings etc. can be claimed with receipts or diary record. You cannot claim a deduction for travelling between your home and your place of work, this also applies to FIFO workers when travelling from home and your point of departure (Airport)
  • Work related books, magazines and journals
  • Other Work Expenses
  • Renewal of tickets if your current job requires you to have a current ticket e.g. forklift, dogging or equipment operations ticket please note you cannot claim a deduction if you are undertaking this course for the first time
  • The cost of work related mobile or internet connection fees
  • Any donations to registered charities
  • Bank fees charged on any investment accounts
  • The cost of Income Protection or Sickness and Accident Insurance Premiums
  • Your tax agent fees
  • Cost of travel to your accountant and any other incidentals associated with the preparation of your return

Professional advice

While MPi can’t recommend a particular tax professional, we think it’s a good idea to seek the services of a tax adviser who knows the mining industry ins and outs. A great way to find one is by personal recommendation, so ask around with your colleagues. You can also search online for a list of registered tax agents. A professional adviser will charge a professional fee, but this is a sound investment in your tax time affairs.