Miner with helmet looking out at sunset

Our Promise

At MPI, we endeavour to hold ourselves to the highest of standards. Our promise to you is more than just words. We believe in fostering a culture that's not only dedicated to achieving excellence but is built on our MPI values of Bravery, Inclusivity, and Integrity.

Our promise here at MPI Recruitment is to:

  • Respond to every person, every time.
  • Only represent you with your permission; never misrepresent any job or communication.
  • Be brave and honest with all feedback and communication.
  • Value inclusivity , diversity , and fairness above all else.
  • Operate with absolute integrity and transparency .
  • Not discriminate against age, race, disability, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, and education.
  • Use technology to enhance human connection and empowerment , not diminish it.