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At MPI we are looking to build a team of team players that understand that to be the best, it helps if you are surrounded by the best. We understand that your career path is a life choice and if you choose to spend it helping us grow, we will help you grow - we need to push each other. If this sounds like a fair deal then contact us today.

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Dynamic. Different. Unique. Want to know why?

There are literally hundreds of recruitment consulting vacancies being advertised again. It seems everyone is back building their business teams. We've read many of those adverts and they all communicate a common theme. MPI IS different, and we make no secret of it.

  • We never mis-represent anyone, we own our mistakes, then fix them.
  • Every candidate who applies with MPI gets a reply, every time.
  • We're experts in our field and we don't say yes to everyone.
  • A large proportion of our permanent recruitment is retained.

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