Mining Business Services Jobs

Who Are We?

We are a focussed team of recruitment consultants with the experience, databases and networks to find jobs across all mining industry business services and office support positions including Human Resources (HR), Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Stores, Supply, Purchasing, Accounting and Administration (Admin).

What Do We Do?

Using our database and networks of mine site admin offices and mining corporate headquarters we assist good candidates find their next temporary job or significant career move. We do this for mine site clerks to mining industry administration managers to chief financial officers (CFO’s).

We Understand.. Mining Business Support Jobs

Business services and office support functions often have more skills that are transferable between industries. As a result recruitment for these jobs often attracts large application numbers making the job of creating a good match, that much harder for recruiters and employers. Our role is to understand what you know, uncover your skills and attributes and then find the client with the job that we know needs your expertise and cultural fit.

We understand these subtleties and will help you find that next temporary job or great career move quickly.

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Contract, Temporary And Labour Hire Jobs

As well as finding permanent jobs, we can source and employ; contract, temporary and labour hire employees. We fill up to 1000 assignments per year across a wide range of job classifications.

From stand in senior mine site and head office fixed term contracts, to short term mine site operating and trades jobs, we can find you the temporary, contract or labour hire job you need to fill a gap of a few weeks, or, to keep you in continuous employment if contract work is your career of choice.

Additionally, if you find your own temporary or contract job we can employ you to work at that client site under a simple and cost effective 3rd party pay-rolling arrangement.