Mining and Processing - Trades, Operator and Labouring Jobs

Who Are We?

We’re a large team of recruitment consultants and support staff, spread throughout three offices across Australia. The MPI workforce recruitment team consists of ex mining industry mine site labourers, sales and service staff, experienced recruitment and human resources consultants, as well as Human Resource (HR), administration and office support staff.

What Do We Do?

We find job seekers the right temporary job or great permanent career opportunity across the front line of exploration, mining and mineral processing operations.

We match job seekers with employers who are looking for people including electrical and mechanical tradespeople, geo technicians, exploration/field technicians, mobile equipment and process plant operators, drillers and stores and other labouring and support staff.

When you’re registered you will receive daily job alerts and if shortlisted we will help you work through our clients assessment processes including job fit, culture fit, medical assessments, criminal and other pre employment checks.

We will also advise you on your presentation and your likelihood of success and provide up to date job market advice.

We Understand.. Workforce And Labour Hire Jobs

Mining, Mineral Processing and Exploration employers all need quality trades and operator level staff for their mining operations to run. With skills that are often transferable between industries, jobs for trades and operator level vacancies can attract large application numbers. Employers and recruiters often struggle to pick out the perfect candidate and to find those that will fit and provide the right skills and experience required for their site.

We understand this and our team can quickly assess you and your CV and pick out those important unique attributes. We also have deep knowledge of most mine sites and can properly advise you as to which sites will deliver the job and work environment you want.

This takes experience and focus. Our team have both and because of this, as well as increasing your chances of finding a great a job, you will get great advice.

Find The Right Mining Workforce Jobs Here

Contract, Temporary And Labour Hire Jobs

As well as finding permanent jobs, we can source and employ; contract, temporary and labour hire employees. We fill up to 1000 assignments per year across a wide range of job classifications.

From stand in senior mine site and head office fixed term contracts, to short term mine site operating and trades jobs, we can find you the temporary, contract or labour hire job you need to fill a gap of a few weeks, or, to keep you in continuous employment if contract work is your career of choice.

Additionally, if you find your own temporary or contract job we can employ you to work at that client site under a simple and cost effective 3rd party pay-rolling arrangement.