Who are we?

Over the last two decades, we’ve grown into one of the most reputable names in the mining recruitment sector, with a  portfolio of high-profile clients, helping to build successful management and executive leadership teams. 

Our executive search and consulting team includes ex mining industry senior managers with collectively 50+ years of mining industry executive recruitment experience.

What do we do?

A fresh perspective.

Independence, new ideas and objectivity, backed by the ability to see the big picture, gives us the experience to create solutions that work. We help our clients develop, validate and implement the attainment of their strategic business goals at the corporate level.

Using our comprehensive databases, extensive networks and targeted research methodology, we search and recruit senior executives for mining companies and related mining contracting, consulting and exploration companies. The right executives make a real difference to the success and performance of your business.

We understand mining, your industry

A blue chip miner is not the same as a $2.5m newly listed explorer. One can be akin to a factory, the other an R&D start up.

Ore bodies are all different. They determine mining and mineral processing methods and offer wildly differing complexities.

This is aside from where they are in the world.

These things influence cultures of mining businesses which in turn should influence the senior executives a company employs and the types of companies that executive job seekers should look at. Exploration, Mining and Mineral Processing can be complex enough. Having people and businesses that fit each other, saves and makes money, reduces stress and vastly increases the chance of success for everyone involved.

We understand all of this, as well as the technical issues. The result is we spend more time assessing all parties for cultural and personal fit. Get this right and executive and board relationships succeed handsomely.

Appoint the right mining executives the first time

Finding the right recruit at senior level is a science that requires the attention of an expert and experienced consulting team that understands what it takes to succeed at an executive level in today’s global economy.

The right people in the right roles will unlock the true value of your resource.

  • Managing Director/CEO
  • General Manager Operations/COO
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Executive Director
  • Chairman/Non Executive Director