Supply chain management is a critical element of the success of a mining operation and ensures that when stock is required onsite, it is ready and available.

This can be capitally intensive and requires a strong supply team behind the scenes who effectively manage and control the amount of stock on hand; sourcing suppliers, purchasing and replenishing goods, issuing and tracking the amount of stock currently held in the store.

Our team is speaking with Supply candidates on a daily basis and can provide you with temporary and permanent recruitment services quickly. We have matched great employers with great employees across a wide range of positions including;

  • Storeperson
  • Supply Officer
  • Purchasing Officer
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Inventory Controller
  • Supply Supervisor
  • Supply Superintendent
  • Supply/Warehouse Manager

Mining People International specializes in recruitment for the mining industry, we get it when you ask for a candidate with specific mining experience (e.g. experience working in exploration, experience working for a contracting company, experience in a hard rock environment), and we know why it matters

Mine site worker with helmet looking off into distance