International candidates

Do you offer sponsorships for people wanting to migrate to Australia?

We work on behalf of Australian mining companies to find staff for them, we don't sponsor people from other countries. The mining company will usually do this.

We suggest you contact some of the major Australian mining companies directly as they may be able to give you more advice. Another good place to start in this regard is the Australian Immigration Department site.

I am not Australian but I have a mining qualification & experience. How do I work in Australia?

Rules and regulations for working in Australia are governed by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs. These vary depending on your needs and experience.

Immigration and Visa's for Australia are complex and are subject to change. Because of this we are unable to give you accurate advice.

We suggest that you have a look at the Australian Immigration website for up-to-date information.

  • If you were to come out to Australia on a temporary working visa AND you have mining skills and experience we may be able to find you work. However, if you do not fit into this category of being able to get a temporary working visa, then you may find working within Australia quite limited.
  • Getting sponsored by your employer: We do not do this directly, and mining companies will generally only do this for senior roles or for people with specialised or hard-to-find skills as it is quite an expensive process. Sometimes though it may happen that should you have gained access on a temporary working visa, found a job and then proved yourself to be a good employee, they may continue your employment and ultimately sponsor you.

It may be useful to call the Department of Immigration within Australia (rather than outside) to find out exactly what category you fit into. Sometimes you do have to wait on the line, but you might be able to get all your questions answered at once. 

Further to this, there are agencies that, for a fee, can complete immigration paperwork for you, alleviating what can be a confusing and frustrating process. Check out the following websites:

I have a work visa, what other minimum requirements are there to become a candidate?

Our minimum requirements are usually:

  • To have the skills and experience requested in any advertisement on our website or,
  • To have job experience in any position within the mining industry or,
  • To have achieved a qualification directly relevant to the mining industry.

What does the recruitment process involve?

MPI has a thorough process to fit the best possible candidate into a role. It involves:

  1. The collection and short-listing of applications
  2. Telephone interview and reference checks.
  3. Sometimes face to face interviews, psychometric and ability assessment, pre-employment medicals and site visits may also be required.

What happens to my details if I am not successful?

If your application is not successful, we will review your resume to ascertain if we can find you work in the future. If we can, we will retain your details on our database and consider you for future opportunities. We will always advise you of the outcome of your application, and if this doesn’t happen within two weeks of your application we would encourage you to contact us and let us know. You can also apply at any time for other positions.

Remember to contact us with any change of contact, visa or employment details.

If we feel that we are unlikely to be able to help you in the future, then we will also advise you of this by mail or email within two weeks. At that time, we will also invite you to register for our automatic job alerts.

View information on Australian mining requirements.

If you have a working visa and are eligible with to work in Australia register here.