We support employees, individuals and employers through the separation process. Our consultants deliver market relevant support and advice to your valued ex–mining industry employees, in a one-off consultation or for months as required.

About MPI Recruitment

We are not a “traditional” outplacement firm. We have a highly effective and respectful approach in dealing with people in transition in a way that supports them and adds value in more than one area of their future. This works where they may wish to transition from one job to another within the mining industry or to one outside of the mining industry.

Our approach to mining industry outplacement is a team one, including the expertise of a qualified Career Guidance Professional, resource industry qualified technical/professional managers, supervisors and human resources/recruitment professionals.

MPI’s specialist outplacement service to the mining industry ensures your employees meet with industry specialist consultants who have their best interests at heart.

What Do We Do?

Our full service encompasses four stages:

  1. Preliminary planning meeting with management team
  2. Individual profiling and transition support
  3. Transitional consulting
  4. Ongoing support

We Understand

We understand the mining industry intimately and we are able to support your people through the process and provide them with targeted, relevant, career advice and support. We are not generalists and we are committed to building lasting relationships. We do not regard any of our work as a one-off assignment.

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