We advise on mining industry executive packages and whole mining workforce salary research. We do this by conducting targeted research into mining industry relevant, remuneration trends and benchmarks.

We deliver comprehensive mining targeted market research for remuneration and benefits applying to all disciplines throughout your exploration, mining, mineral processing and corporate workforce.

We do this using our long standing, well established mining networks to gather the required information and always compare like with like. This can include detailed reporting on:

  • Base salary
  • Superannuation benefits paid
  • Short and long term incentives
  • Share plans
  • Leave allowances
  • Rosters

The information you receive is current and relevant to your mining organisation or a specific operation.

We can do this for every discipline at every location of your mining company workforce or we can do it for individual workforce or executive level contracts up to Managing Director, Non-Executive Director and Chair.

You will know that you are basing your entire mining salary at the right level to attract the people you want. In short, for a modest investment you receive targeted, up to the moment, market relevant information to ensure:

  • You can attract the best people
  • You are not under paying them and therefore risking losing them
  • You are not over paying them

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