Geology Assistants/Technicians play a very important part in mining and exploration projects. Different duties are required depending on whether you are working in an active mining environment or on an exploration project.


Exploration Geology Assistants or Field Assistants are required for all exploration projects - it can be near mine exploration where you will stay in the mine camp and work in close proximity to the mine geology department, or it can be on remote exploration projects where accommodation can vary from donga housing to living and caravans or swags.

Duties can include but are not limited to:
  • RC/Aircore/RAB sampling (near mine or remote site exploration)
  • Diamond core processing (near mine or remote site exploration)
  • Soil sampling
  • Site setup and rehabilitation
  • Remote camp duties will include; maintenance, cooking, camp setup, 4 wheel driving, etc.  


Mine Geology Technicians are required on Open Pit and Underground mines.

Open Pit Geology Technicians duties can include but are not limited to:
  • Blast Hole sampling
  • Ore markups
  • Ore spotting
  • Stockpile sampling
  • Grade control sampling
  • Assist the mining team with; survey pickups, wall mapping, wall sampling, core-yard duties, data entry etc
Underground Geo Technician duties can include but are not limited to:
  • Underground Face sampling
  • Sample submissions
  • Stockpile sampling and management
  • Using photography software example; Sirovision, Adamtech etc.
  • Data entry
  • Assist the mining team with; survey pickups, wall mapping, core-yard duties etc.

Mine Technician positions can also include Survey Assistants and Environmental Technicians.

Even though there is a lot of overlapping between the different classifications, every site is different and has specific requirements.

We have Consultants dedicated to this space and over many years, we have matched great employers with great employees across a wide range of mining and exploration positions.

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