The mining and resources sector places a special and professional attention on workplace health, safety, training and risk management generally.

Not all 'safety professionals' are the same though. We understand this and have a deep understanding of the different risks presented by specific operating environments including;

  • Underground Mining
  • Surface Mining
  • Mineral Processing
  • Remote Environments including Exploration
  • Corporate/Risk Management
  • Training

Occupational Health and Safety in the exploration, mining and mineral processing industries represent a highly specialised field of expertise. Finding great jobs and careers for people into this space requires not only experience with technical products and software, but an often intimate knowledge of the specific job environment, be that for an OHS job on a remote exploration site, a processing plant or an OHS job in an underground or open cut mine.

Over many years, individual recruitment assignments have been managed and great employees matched with great employers, across for a wide range of specific OHS position titles including;

Technical Writing, Emergency Response Co-ordinator, Emergency Response Officer, HSE Manager, Site Nurse, Occupational Hygienist, OH&S Manager, OH&S Co-ordinator, OH&S Officer, Paramedic, Risk Manager, OHS Superintendent, Training Manager, Training Officer.

Available Occ Health & Safety Jobs

Please note that while there may be none (or only a small number) of jobs, MPI experiences a continuous flow of positions over all Job Categories, including accounting.

Time constraints placed on us by our clients, as well as confidentiality issues, result in many vacancies being filled only by a search of our targeted databases. If you have not yet registered with MPI Recruitment you may wish to do this now to take advantage of any positions filled in this manner. As always, our confidentiality promise applies.

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