There is an increasing demand for innovation, disruptive technology and creative IT solutions across all industries reinforcing the need for IT technical experts. Additionally, despite an increase in everyday use of technology, there will always be a requirement for IT experts to provide advice and assistance for customer technical issues.

IT in Mining faces challenges unique to the resource industry and which can make Mining IT roles physically and technically challenging. Most mine sites are based in remote areas so challenges can include setting up and working with satellite connections and working in areas where network coverage is limited.

Additionally, Information technology in the mining and resources space utilises generic operating platforms and systems prevalent across industries, but also in certain sub sectors, there exists highly specialised needs for mining industry specific, information technology (IT) experts experienced with particular:

  • Geological Modelling Software
  • Mine Planning Software
  • Ore Reserve/Resource Computing
  • Automation
  • Process Control

IT experts work with and can specialise in hardware, software, business applications and databases, storage devices, servers, and cloud based systems. IT roles vary in Seniority and Job titles but are typically classified into four levels of IT Support:

  • Level 1: First Line Support: Telephone helpdesk or answer centre support
    L1 technicians typically have 0-4 years’ experience and are the first port of call for IT issues. They provide customer service, frequently receiving, responding and categorising issues raised via phone, email or online chat forums. They will assist with some IT issues, often talking customers through troubleshooting steps and escalate issues to L2 support where required.
  • Level 2: Second Line Support
    L2 technicians usually have over 4 years’ experience and have often specialised on specific technology platforms. They follow guidelines set by higher level IT Engineers and manage incidents raised by L1 technicians. They will escalate issues to L3 technicians where required.
  • Level 3: Third Line Support
    L3 technicians generally have 8 or more years’ experience and resolve issues that are typically difficult or subtle. They are often Managers and focussed on continuous improvement working on minor enhancements, break fix activities, problem management and stability analysis. Where major enhancement is required they will transfer and/or coordinate with L4 engineering and development teams.
  • Level 4: Product and Vendor Support
    L4 technicians are specialised professionals such as product Architects, Engineers, Software Developers, and Hardware Designers. IT issues escalated to L4 technicians are frequently product bugs, configuration requirements or expert level guidance.

Available Technology/Automation Jobs

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