11 Conundrums and Contradictions

Thumbs up, thumbs down

Conundrum: A confusing and difficult problem or question often with a pun in the answer. Contradiction: A combination of statements, ideas, or features which are opposed to one another.

Life is full of conundrums and contradictions and will usually grow richer by spending occasional purposeful time pondering them.

Some of these were found with no obvious source however clearly someone else wrote them before us. Some were found and we added our own twist. Some are originals.

Use (and ponder) them as you wish …

1. Complain about a bad night’s sleep or celebrate the fact that you woke up – you decide.

2. ‘What will next year throw at me’ or is a better question; ‘what will I throw back’?

3. Before you buy a $1,000,000 home or a $250,000 motor car, ensure you can afford to maintain and run a $1,000,000 home or that $250,000 motor car.

4. Some lawyers reckon ‘everything matters’, whereas two funerals I recently attended reminded me that actually ‘not much matters’.

5. That act of ignoring your passion has parallels to the act of suicide.

6. The reason you must let things go, is because they are heavy.

7. We’re all extremely convincing and will believe most things we tell ourselves.

8. Have you ever noticed how negative people seem to have a problem for every solution?

9. Don’t worry when I fight you. Worry when I stop because it means we have nothing left worth fighting for.

10. One second of patience in a moment of rage, will likely save hours (or potentially a lifetime!) of regret.

11. In business, competition sucks.

Do something no one else is doing!