5 mining industry podcasts you should listen to

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There aren't too many podcasts specialising in the mining industry, but here are five worth your time.

There aren’t too many specialist mining industry podcasts out there, but we’ve found five that we think are worth your while, whether you’re an explorer, a CEO or an investor.

WA School of Mines podcast

This West Australian-created mining industry podcast is too new to appear on iTunes but you can listen to it on the WA School of Mines Alumni website.

The podcast includes discussions on leadership, management, strategy, finance, mental health, career planning and how to retire with money. It has featured interviews with a range of people who work in the industry, from a drill and blast engineer to the general manager of Northern Star Resources – Kanowna Belle site, Jim Coxon.

Exploration Radio

Exploration Radio is a mining-related podcast focused on “the past, present and future of mineral exploration”. It features interviews and discussions with explorers about the challenges they have faced, the lessons that we can all learn from their experiences and how we can better prepare for the future.

Hosted by Ahmad Saleem and Steve Beresford, the podcast is about the people, places and issues prevalent in mineral exploration. They’ve just completed their first season and have been getting great reviews for their format and style. They’ll be back with season two later this year, but season one is still worth a close listen.

The GIM Channel

Produced in Western Australia by acQuire Technology Solutions, the GIM Channel podcast gives you the big picture on geoscientific information management. It delivers insights on people, processes and technology for managing one of the natural resource industry’s greatest assets — geoscientific data.

Each podcast is about 20 minutes in length and features interviews and discussions with mining industry leaders, technologists and experts — like Barrick Gold’s Andrew Scott, Mike McClelland at Cameco and Lorraine Tam at ARANZ Geo. There is also a special series of podcasts from PDAC 2017 in Toronto.

Mining Stock Education

The Mining Stock Education.com podcast is tied to the website of the same name and is, as suggested, more investment focused. However, it is a good place to get a world view and hear interesting interviews with chief executives.

Hosted by Bill Powers, the podcast (and the website) exist “to introduce the extreme profit potential of the natural resource sector to the investor by providing educational resources”. It contains interviews with industry professionals, investment ideas, mining company presentations and interviews.

Proven and Probable

This US-based mining podcast, Proven and Probable, is investor focused and sometimes feels like paid advertising slots (and a look at their website reveals their sponsors). But it still has some interesting interviews with mining industry directors and chief executives, so there’s a lot going on here that will interest people in the mining industry across the world.

Hosted by Maurice Jackson, most episodes are between five minutes and half an hour long.

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Dan Hatch
Mining People International