Is it time for miners to become more nimble recruiters?

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Is it time for miners to become more nimble recruiters? Let's explore three steps to help you become more agile.

Outdated recruitment processes will slow down your hiring decisions. If we learnt anything in the last boom, it is that once a person begins to look for a new mining job, they very quickly have interviews scheduled.

When you’re competing for talent, you don’t have time to waste ensuring your decision-makers are available to conduct interviews.

For the mining industry, this reality is being amplified because the sector’s Australian jobs market is getting tight. If you want the best talent now, you have to act quickly.

Here are three changes mining companies can make to their recruitment processes today.

Review in-house processes

No mining employer can afford the excuse “that’s just our process”. If your process is slow and immovable, look at how you can speed it up. Can you bring all decision-makers into one interview to shorten the process? Do you have a detailed position description? Is it possible to pre-emptively meet candidates to keep in the pipeline for future roles? Ask new employees for input on improving the process

Leverage technology

Automation technology is a great recruitment tool that can allow you to improve efficiency and offer a better service. While there are also risks to automating your processes, a well thought out application of technology that does not lose the human element can be a great complement to your process and a great reliever of your time. 

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Outsource to a specialist

In a fast-moving recruitment landscape, you don’t always have the luxury of doing everything in-house. When all of your staff are pushed to their limits and unable to move through the steps quickly, it is crucial you have a mining-specialist human resources and recruitment partner who understands your business and can lighten the load to ensure a more nimble process. It could be the entire recruitment process, or outsourcing parts where you don’t have an internal specialist.

Specialist recruiters are also more likely to have established talent pools and know where the talent is and who is looking for a new opportunity.

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Critically analysing your processes and the pathways to improve them is your best chance of survival in the upcoming skills shortage. 

Does your mining organisation need help adopting nimble mining employment processes?

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Dan Hatch
Mining People International