Treat your mining job search like you would selling a house


Here are six tips from real estate that will help you win your next mining job.

A local real estate agent has been doing letter drops in my suburb over the past few months with tips on how to prepare your house for sale.

As I was reading his tips (like decluttering rooms, knowing your target market, understanding your value and being prepared to negotiate) I realised how selling a house is a little like finding a new job.

It’s all about the sale.

Here are the agent’s six tips, rejigged for jobseekers.

Ensure your resume is up to date and well presented

No one will get past the front door without something to persuade them to come in.

If your summary or cover letter is poorly written, lacks consistent formatting, or doesn’t sell your value as an employee, why would a hiring manager turn the page?

While this may seem obvious, we see applications on a daily basis that don’t list the applicant’s current mining job and pages crammed so tightly with text they’re barely legible.

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Ensure the information relevant to the roles you are seeking is easily found within your application

If your real estate advertisement isn’t highlighting the positives of your house, are people even going to turn up to the home open? 

If a hiring manager has to get to page four of your resume to discover you have a required qualification, chances are they are not going to find it.

Why apply for a mining job and then do everything possible to make it difficult for the person reviewing your application to identify key requirements?

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Know your worth in the current market (know your sale price) If you’re listing a house for 20% above what the suburb average is, you had better have some very marketable features to attract potential buyers. 

In the boom times, sought-after candidates could and were asking for salaries relevant to the market. If you haven’t looked for a position for several years (lucky you!) and are now thinking about a new mining job in 2019, we recommend you research exactly what the market is paying.

Consider your experience, location, and qualifications and ensure you research like for like.

Likewise, knowing the value you can bring to a new role will support your market rate. In interview this is crucial. Asking for 10% or 20% above the market rate and not being able to justify it is not going to lead to an offer.

Know your market (who are the buyers?)

Real estate agents generally get the marketing of houses correct. But they also need to know the demographic your house appeals to.

During the boom if you had a sought-after qualification or required experience, there was a good chance applying to almost any company would have resulted in some interest. While for many that scenario still exists, for some professions the market is far more dynamic.

Understanding where mining jobs suitable for you exist is crucial for success.

Prepare for interviews (negotiate)

Negotiating comes with the territory in selling a house, as often one party does not meet the other’s expectation.

Knowing when you are prepared to accept or knowing when it is time to walk away from an offer is crucial. Likewise, in an interview, it is very much about being prepared.

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Work with a real estate agent you respect

Some real estate agents have at the ready established lists of potential buyers. Others may rely on listing their houses on websites, completing home opens and letter drops. Identifying a reputable agent and one you trust is important.

Likewise, select a recruitment company you trust or a consultant who is recommended to you.

If your real estate agent is late for appointments, doesn’t want to show your home at peak times, or doesn’t return calls, do you really want to work with them?

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Your house or real estate may well be the biggest asset you have in your lifetime, and your future career is how you will cover the cost of this asset.

It’s not something you would risk buying or selling by not giving yourself the best chance for a positive outcome. Next time you are looking for a new job in the mining industry, consider approaching your job search in the same way you would approach buying or selling a house.

Sometimes it is worth investing a little more time, money and research at the beginning to get a better outcome.

If you need help giving yourself the best possible chance of securing the perfect mining job, ask about our career services. Our expert consultants can help. Find out more here.

Dan Hatch
Mining People International