Are you happy at work? Take our job sentiment survey

MPi is polling sentiment within the Australian mining industry to gauge how well the industry is doing and where there’s room to improve.

How do you really feel about your job, the company you work for, and the mining industry as a whole? How do you feel about your salary, your roster, your boss?

With the mining industry buoyant and brimming with job opportunities, it would be easy to think it’s a happy place to work right now (and we hope it is). But with skills shortages, border closures, lockdowns, shift changes, the ongoing threat of Covid and (for many) pressures at home, it’s also potentially a tough time for many.

We want to know what you’re experiencing and how you feel about it.

Once again, Mining People is taking a poll of sentiment within the Australian mining industry. We want to know your innermost thoughts, so we can gauge how well the industry is doing and where there’s room to improve. This is your opportunity to have your say.

In this year’s survey we’re providing a range of short statements asking you to tell us whether you agree with them or not. In short, it’s a very quick, simple survey. There are just 14 statements to respond to, including “I am happy in my current mining job”, “I have great respect for my direct supervisor/manager” and “I would switch jobs if a company offered me more money”.

All contributions are completely anonymous — we don’t know who you are or where you work.

The survey will be open until 30 September 2021. We’ll publish the results in early October. Please feel free to share this poll with your friends and colleagues across the industry.

Take the poll.

Dan Hatch
Mining People International