Boost your chances of getting a start in mining (or a promotion)

Miner sitting in a control room operating machinery

If you’re keen to get a start in mining but your lack of experience is a problem, the new Foundations in Modern Mining course could be your golden ticket.

Getting your foot in the door of the Australian mining industry isn’t always easy.

That often comes as a surprise to people looking for entry-level jobs, given the amount of attention the mining industry’s skills shortage gets in the media, and how often we hear friends and family talking about the amazing employment opportunities there are in mining.

That’s all true, but mining companies still want to employ the best, most suitable and most qualified person for any individual job they have available. The same is true when it comes to moving up the ladder as your career progresses.

How to boost your chances of getting the mining job you want

So, if you’re looking for an entry-level position or a career step-up and you’re not having much luck, you might want to consider some options for boosting your chances.

That could mean moving to a regional community, where mining companies prefer residential candidates. We have a list of ideal regional towns, here.

It might mean changing your approach to the application process and tinkering with your resume to make it more suitable. (We have advice here.)

Or it might mean getting a relevant vocational training qualification (and we have some suggestions and advice on that here.)

But if you’re open to a bit of learning, then there’s something very specific you can do.

Consider a Foundations in Modern Mining qualification

As mining’s skills shortage has started to really bite, industry groups and educators have rushed to create a new course specifically aimed at giving people who want a career in mining a solid foundation in the requirements and skills mining employers are looking for.

It’s called a Professional Certificate in the Foundations of Modern Mining and it has been created by the Minerals Council of Australia, the University of Queensland and Curtin University’s West Australian School of Mines.

Think you don’t have time to go to uni. Hold your horses. That’s not what this is.

What is the Foundations in Modern Mining course?

The course takes four to five hours of study a week, in the form of six online units, studied over a year. For just a few thousand dollars the course gives you a thorough overview of the operational aspects of the modern minerals and mining sector.

It covers everything from operational aspects of mining to remote working, health and safety, automation, and technical skills and knowledge.

Here’s what they promise you’ll learn:

  • Apply the lens of the value chain to review and critically analyse all aspects of the business of mining and its associated stakeholders
  • Analyse the complexities of the life cycle of a mine through a systems approach, from discovery to rehabilitation
  • Explain how innovation has and will continue to impact the evolution of mining and business processes
  • Create innovative solutions to contemporary problems in the mining sector
  • Analyse how mining contributes to the sustainable development of society
  • Distinguish and classify capabilities required across evolving roles and operating models within the mining sector
  • Articulate the importance of an integrated organisational culture that delivers on safety, productivity and engagement.

What are my job prospects after completing the course?

We can’t promise you that completing this course will land you a job in the mining industry. Any job will be offered to the best possible candidate, as you would expect.

However, anything you can do to show your commitment and seriousness to a career in mining, and boost your industry knowledge, is going to put you ahead of the competition for any job you apply for.

It’s worth noting here, we’re not being paid to promote this course. And we’re certainly not suggesting this course is the best option for you and your career, nor that it will guarantee you a start.

But we’ve long been advocates for candidates improving their knowledge and skills at every stage of their careers, including at entry-level. It just makes sense: we want to present the best possible candidates to the mining companies we work with. But we’re also people who have come from the industry and we’re passionate about mining and mining people.

So, investigate this course and see if it’s right for you. It might be just the leg up you need. Or, try one of our other suggestions above. And good luck with your job search!

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Dan Hatch
Mining People International