FIFO'S FIDO: A FIFO'S Four legged friend


You may have heard of the 'black dog' and mental health but the red, brown, white and all the rest can be part of the FIFO life.

31 July 2015, Posted by Ros Fuller thisfifolife.comPlease enter an image description.

You may have heard of the ‘black dog’ and mental health but the red, brown, white and all the rest can be part of the FIFO life. There are many proven positive benefits to our mental and physical health in having a dog, which are outlined in a great article on the Huffington Post website. The FIFO lifestyle does however mean some extra challenges in pet ownership. It is worth a looking at some options to see how the responsibility of pet ownership can fit in with FIFO life.

Boarding kennel services can offer special care for FIFO pets. Some kennels arrange the same room for your dog each time and the option of leaving familiar items ready for the next stay. Look out for staff that are aware of the need for routine and offer extra play and cuddles for your dog! Ask around and visit a few. There are also boarding services that offer a drop off and pick up service, and most dog care services will offer a discount for FIFO workers. For other FIFO workers the option of a having a dog sitter works. There are people who will both house sit and walk and care for your pet each day. The usual checks like police clearance and references are important.

Or maybe you don’t have a dog but are keen to find ways to have a dog in your life?

The Dogs’ Refuge Home in Shenton Park is encouraging FIFO workers to learn more about the rewards involved with becoming a temporary carer for one of the shelter’s homeless dogs.

FIFO worker, Ms Belton, says her work commitments make it impossible to own her own pet, but says being able to foster dogs in need is the next best thing.

‘Fostering a dog from the Shenton Park refuge is not only a great thing to do in terms of helping the abandoned dog concerned, it’s also extremely rewarding and I get a great deal out of it personally,’ she said.

‘I know there are many people like me that can’t have a permanent dog because they work away and I’m sure there are also many FIFO workers out there who would love to spend time with a dog, and I’d urge those animal lovers to get in touch with the refuge and find out more about the fostering program.’

To learn more about the Dogs’ Refuge Home foster care program, contact the refuge on (08) 9381 8166 or visit their website .