How to get the most out of your year ahead

Miner in PPE

In January we often try to predict what the next 12 months might deliver to the mining game.

But before we talk about mining, we’re in the recruiting game as well and it is particularly changing with parts of it commoditising – labour hire specifically, bringing with it the need to deliver services more efficiently.

Our clients continue to want a specialist service with deep knowledge of, and access to, specialised candidate communities.

With all this in mind, we have some exciting transformation projects in play to re-work how we deliver search and on-hire services.

The year ahead for people in mining

Mining is cyclical and recruitment is at the forefront of this cycle. We wrote in our Christmas message that we suspect confidence will return in early 2013 and with it good mining companies will target some of those good people that moved out of the weaker businesses later last year.

Given the crazy wild ride that 2012 became, we have absolutely NO intention of trying to be any more predictive than that! It seems we’re all feeling that the only thing we’re certain of is that the future is less certain!

So for our New Year message this year we decided to focus on concepts that we think will guarantee you progress, no matter where external conditions might lead you.

  1. Bin your baggage

It is essential to begin the year by being clear and focused and that starts by dumping your baggage, be it physical or emotional.

Do things like apologising to those you upset and letting go of resentment. I heard a great quote during a television interview with Carrie Fisher (of Star Wars fame).

“Resentment - is like drinking poison  and waiting for the other person to die!”

In addition, express your fears to a trusted confidant.

Lastly, purge your home and office of unused “stuff.”

This is simply about wiping last year’s slate clean and then focusing laser-like on the 12 months ahead.

  1. Do it

A lot of people spend hours, days, or even weeks reading self help books and making resolutions and action plans.

All of this is important for sure however many people then follow this up with ...NOTHING.

What is far more important is that you take action, do it, do something, do anything!

Whatever your goals, ask yourself ...

  • What will I DO today to make myself more literate?
  • What will I DO today to advance my next big project?
  • What will I DO today to educate myself in that new topic?

Some of the best books I have read are ones that have action messages where you can write in them and treat them like a personal action seminar. Some of them don’t even need to be read in any particular order. Just pick a topic you like and start.

Allocate 10-15 minutes a day to Action. It works and will probably put you ahead of the vast majority of addictive list makers.

  1. Done is better than perfect

The above is a saying apparently made famous by a placard found in the offices of Facebook. United States WWII General George S. Patton put it this way:

“A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.”  

Have a plan for sure and have a Plan B (just in case things go very bad). But get into motion and take action, no matter how imperfect the picture.

All of this aside, we actually think this year will be a pretty good one to be in the mining game. Whether the construction boom has peaked or not, there are just so many more operating mines today then there were 10 years ago.

There you go we can’t help ourselves!

Have a great year ahead.

From all the team at Mining People International