HR and Recruitment Humour

Laughing man

As spotted in 360 degree performance reviews:

Is George inclusive and empowering?

George is terrific at this and always gives away work to his team when - in his opinion – they’re not busy enough. Sometimes he gives all his work away and has to make up new stuff so that everyone gets a bit and no one feels left out. He is a great guy and is always thinking about others. Source: Dilbert.

Looking Busy – a reflection for Managers:

Come to meetings late and leave early. This makes you look so busy that you can’t fit everything in. The start of a meeting is useless and the last part is when the homework is handed out; wasted time for a busy person such as you, right?

We hope not.

Arriving and Leaving – a reflection for Employees:

Always arrive at work before your boss and if you can’t do that then leave after your boss leaves. If you get to work before your boss you can claim you were there since 4.00am and if you leave after your boss you can claim you were there until midnight. Your co-workers are the only ones who can bust you so let them know you’re watching them too. This is how you keep each other “honest”, right?

We hope not.