iFifo: An iPhone and Android app to help manage your FIFO Roster

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How much is your time worth?

Please enter an image description.The iFifo app made for iPhone [iTunes link] and Android devices [Android store link].  

How much is your time worth? 

iFifo is an invaluable tool for fly in/fly out workers, or anyone on a roster, to plan their R&R, events and annual leave at the touch of a button. This app displays your time at work and time at home graphically on an iPhone calendar. 

No more hours of flicking through diaries to work out your time off or, even worse, booking the wrong dates for your holiday because you miscalculated.  

Just complete your profile (which should take less than 60 seconds) and you’re good to go. It’s so simple that you can plan your time off while travelling back to camp on the shift bus. 

Ever had your roster changed at the last minute and need to change all your appointments? Now it’s easy. Just update your profile with your new fly out date and you’ll be able to see instantly what dates you need to change to. 

If your family wants to know when you’re home next, they can also install iFifo and always be at the airport waiting. 

Want to attend that concert or book a fancy dinner date for your partner but don’t know if you’re off? ‘Event Fifo’ ensures you never miss an opportunity because you weren’t sure if you would be home or not! 

‘Our Fifo’ allows you to match your R&R schedules with others so that you can take that well deserved break in Bali with your partner or organise a group of mates to throw a party for Dave’s 30th birthday in 9 months time. Simply add each person to the profile manager and ‘Our Fifo’ works out if and when you will all be off together, and if not you’ll be able to see what time you need to take off. 

Have you used iFifo or a similar app to help manage your FIFO lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below.