Men and women agree on mining workplace gender support

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MPi recently asked the mining industry whether they felt their workplaces were supportive of women. Here are the results.

We recently created the new Mining People International (MPi) Polling Booth. The idea was to survey visitors to the MPi website and feed the results back in quick time to readers of MPi News and various other MPi publications. Our latest poll asked the following question:

Does your workplace provide an environment and culture that is sensitive to, and supportive of, women in the workplace? Select just ONE of the options below.

We had over  350 respondents (and this was over the Christmas/New Year period) with the following fascinating results:  

Yes 79.6%
No 20.4%

So more than one in five respondents felt their work place did NOT do enough to support females.

OK, I know what you’re probably thinking after hearing those results. So, we also asked every respondent to tell us if they were male or female with the following even more fascinating results:

Respondent answers split by gender:

Female Male
Yes 81.5% 78.7%
No 18.5% 21.3%

And to take this a step further we further asked respondents to tell us whether they were in a mine site-based role or a corporate office job. 

Respondent answers split by job location:

Mine site Corporate
Yes 78.4% 84.9%
No 21.6% 15.1%

The take-aways from this are obvious:

As most of us might expect, there was a reasonably noticeable difference between people in corporate roles believing their workplace was more sensitive and supportive, than the proportion that replied from a mine site job.

Of more interest though was that it was the males, whether they worked on a mine or in a corporate office, that answered yes in a slightly higher proportions than females.

In the interest of not trying to read too much into this, we can emphatically say men and women would appear to have broadly similar views as to how well mining companies are, or are not, providing workplaces that are supportive of women.

At one level we could take this as a pat on the back. However, the numbers still clearly say more than one in five people working in the industry think employers could be doing more.

Thank you to all who responded. Please let us know what you’d like us to explore in our next poll about “What the mining industry is thinking”. Please contact us at

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