Mindlessly raising the bar of acceptable performance, threatens many employees.


Most editions we will try to find an article that encourages debate by presenting head-on, a current view perpetuating the Human Resources industry.

Sometimes it’s our own view and at other times it will be a view presented by someone else. This one is a spin-off from our main article inspired by Kenny the Monk – but we couldn’t agree with him more!  

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Companies that improve performance by annually dismissing the bottom 10% of their workforce lack foresight and are mean-spirited. This system of Forced Ranking undermines team work and turns co-workers into competitors. It squashes much of the creativity that might otherwise be directed towards solving problems for your business.

The reason for this is that when people are forced to compete, there is rarely room for innovation. Innovation need not be wild earth shatteringly brilliant new processes, but every day people can find many small ways to do what they did yesterday, more efficiently. Corporate strategy needs to be right, but once broadly in place, it’s the many little improvements that occur daily that keep the wheels of business oiled and changing for the better every day.

People will only take this view of their workplace though if leadership has created an environment that encourages this innovation. Innovation is a kind of investment in the future but if people don’t feel they can spend time in the future because they need to deliver today to keep their job and keep their score high, then you have cut off this very important flow of efficiency for your business.

Kenny the Monk (refer our main article on page 1 sums it up brilliantly when he says that:

“More than money, it is intrinsic motivation that propels the masses. People WANT to do a good job and long to use their unique skills to make a difference. It’s time to stop threatening them by mindlessly raising the bar. Leadership’s role is far more daunting and is really about building solidarity and creating an environment where passion and difference, can flourish."