Mining Jobs and Income Protection


Every person that goes to work in the morning and comes home at night satisfied to have given 100% at their job, is not just working for the joy of the exercise.

Every person that goes to work in the morning and comes home at night satisfied to have given 100% at their job, is not just working for the joy of the exercise. Let’s be honest, even if we are passionate about the job, we want to get the best income possible for the excellent work we deliver.

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It’s about providing for our families and ourselves and affording the lifestyle we enjoy and deserve.  Thanks to the boom in the mining industry, many have been able to find a career in mining. It may be demanding but it’s also rewarding. But how do you protect these things? Here are a few pointers:

Make your job a career

The best way to create job security for yourself is by applying yourself to the job and showing that you are the right person for the position. This doesn’t end with landing the job and demonstrating that you know what you’re doing. Show some initiative in keeping up with your position’s innovations and it’s evolution. Ask your supervisor if the company offers any courses or seminars to keep you up to date. If they don’t, ask if there is a possibility the company would cover some or all of the cost if you were to sign up for a course outside the company. This would not only be a good thing for you, but it shows your employer that you are willing to go above and beyond to be the best you can be. A qualified worker is the most important asset a company has and therefore the company will do anything they can to keep him/her.

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Take care of yourself

Yes, you heard right. If you aren’t healthy and fit you aren’t able to perform as well as you could. Make sure you have a balanced diet and get some exercise. Even if you have a physically demanding job,  different exercises target different areas of your body. Choose an exercise that targets a muscle group you don’t use for work. If you do heavy lifting at work, body building probably wouldn’t be as effective for you as cardio exercises. Get enough rest and enjoy quality time with your family and friends. Do what makes you feel good about yourself. A happy you is much more effective than a sad one.

Be proactive and think ahead

Where the future is concerned, income protection insurance, such as the plan offered by Suncorp, is a good way to put your mind at ease. If you should fall ill, and not be able to work for a longer period of time, it’s good to have a backup plan in place to put food on the table and pay the rent. There will also, inevitably, come a time for you to retire. Fact is that your pension is not going to be as high as your working day income so it’s important to have something in place to pick up the slack and guarantee that you can continue living the lifestyle you’ve become accustomed to.

The most important piece of advice is that you should love what you do and do what you love. It’s the secret to success and happiness and one I’m sharing with you. Keep up the good work, Australia relies on you, after all mining contributes an impressive  11% to the country’s GDP.

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