Nine awesome recruitment and hiring tips to win you more time and space

'Changes Ahead' sign

These recruitment and hiring related quotes were appropriated from a terrific short book entitled; 'Wine Bar Theory', by David Gilbertson.

It was written for business people, but could apply equally to running a mining company or in face any small mining team.

The 'theory' being that if you can apply some simple, efficiency gaining techniques to recruiting and managing others, then you can spend more time in the wine bar. Now if spending time in a wine bar is not your thing then do what you will with that time, but importantly, you WILL have more of it.

  1. Hire smarter people.
  2. Hire specialists. Very few people are good at a lot of things.
  3. Hire the tea boy and promote talent.
  4. If you need to hire from outside, beware the 'plausible idiot'.
  5. Cheap people are often not cheap. Expensive people are often not expensive.
  6. One expensive person will do more in one day than two cheap people in two days.
  7. Competent people win you time.
  8. Cheap people don't save money, they cost you revenue/production.
  9. Hire challengers who demand better ways.