Our Christmas message this year posed an old question... Are the frogs back?

Green frog

Is that sunlight or a headlight at the end of the tunnel? Can I hear those frogs warming up their lungs?

None of us can answer these questions yet, however, what we do know is that people will go on consuming, more people want more things, and the mining industry currently provides most of the raw materials around the world to make these things.

We also know that we’re seeing a long term structural change as our developed world populations continue their ageing process. We can reasonably and safely presume therefore that this is good news as demand for technical labour of all forms has not structurally reversed, but perhaps only slowed for a short period. In good times, demand for this labour will regularly outstrip supply.

We, in this industry, certainly have a lot to be hopeful for.

In our Christmas message we reminded people that on 2 occasions in MPi’s 15 year history we have seen dark times before returning to light and on both occasions we told the story of frogs in dams, presented in a much shortened form here…

In droughts they disappear into the dry mud and all goes quiet, only to return to their barking best when the rains return.

We’re not sure the frogs are back yet, but things are feeling a lot better than they were this time last year.

Our story over this past 12 months…

We won’t reprint the whole story, however for those that missed it, we believe it is important that before you move on you acknowledge the past, how well you did, who helped you, and what you learnt from it.

So what did we learn to take into the future…?

  • Even in good times, don’t stop selling and never stop networking.
  • Stay in high communication all the time, and increase it when things get harder.
  • Never take good things, especially people, for granted.
  • Only work with people that you trust.

These were some of our 2009 lessons and we know you have yours. Ensure you record them and then thank all the people who helped you live through it.

And so what now…?

Firstly, acknowledge all those who helped you get this far and also spare a thought for those who lost their jobs or worse.

Then you must quickly again turn your attention forward with positive hope.

Never blindly but always optimistically.

To those clients, candidates and suppliers we didn’t get to thank so far, thank you all, and have a marvellous 2010.