So what is the mining industry thinking?


We recently created the new Mining People International (MPi) Polling Booth. The idea was to survey visitors to the MPi website and then feed the results back in quick time to readers of MPi News and various other MPi publications.

In all cases we only present the results if they represent a material number of (at least 50 or more) respondents. Respondent numbers ranged from around the minimum of 50, up to several hundred.

The results from the first few weeks of operating the MPi Polling Booth were both fascinating and fun! Here’s a snapshot:

1. Do you agree with Rio Tinto’s
initial attempt to make suppliers
wait a minimum, of 60-90 days
to be paid?

No 94%
Yes 6%

4. Do you feel that mining is
a relatively ‘safe’ industry?
(please also indicate the level of
your current/most recent position)

Yes 84%*
No 6%

2. Have you been financially
impacted by the recent downturn,
i.e. job loss, salary cut, roster
change or loss of benefits?

Yes 91%
No 9%

*Interestingly, of those who declared
themselves a Supervisor/Manager,
90% said YES whilst those who declared
themselves a non-Supervisor/Manager,
the YES vote dropped to just 77%!
3. Do you see a bright future?
Would you encourage young people
to enter the mining industry?

Yes 69%
No 31%

5. What takes priority for you
when searching for your next
job opportunity?

Salary 24%
Career Development 29%
Work/Life Balance 47%

Please let us know what you’d like us to ask the mining world about! often receives upwards of 15,000 - 20,000 visitors a month providing a wonderful opportunity to capture accurate and deep insights into what industry participants are feeling and thinking.

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