Take back control … Brand New Webinar Series Starting in June

FIFO Families

Ever feel that the FIFO lifestyle sucks your time and energy?

Ever feel that the FIFO lifestyle sucks your time and energy?Please enter an image description.

As good as it can be from a financial stand point, it’s no secret amongst our community that the working away lifestyle take its toll on families from all sides – for the ones who have to leave for weeks on end, to those left at home to hold down the fort in the meantime.

Here’s the good news… We hope that by now you know that our good friends at  FIFO Families HQ work exceptionally hard to make a difference in your life and other families just like yours. What you may not know however, is that they’re always looking at ways to create more and more value that will lighten the load and make your life a better and happier place.

And, they’ve done just that!

Last Saturday night 21st of June, they kicked off a brand new ‘Webinar Series” (in case you’re not sure what a webinar is, it’s an online group call with presenters who talk and create group learning – all you need is an internet connection) to educate, inspire, and help you to achieve everything that you would like – whilst managing your unique lifestyle.

Sounds good right? Well to sweeten the pot a little, FIFO Families brought in their good friend and mentor  Paul Counsel – leading entrepreneur, investor, educator, and philanthropist to run these ‘online workshops’ with  Nicole Ashby, (the Founder and Director of FIFO Families and the 2014 Winner of 40under40!   Nicole says, “I must warn you: this will be cutting edge stuff that’s powerful and capable of knocking your socks right off – it did mine when I was mastering it through Paul”.

Now we won’t go into  too much detail here because you can  go to the FIFO Families website and learn all about what  will be covered on the registration pages.

But we will tell you this much …

“Time” is the great equaliser in all we do really – it’s our most valuable asset. With time up our sleeves we feel balanced and in control to do what we want, when we want, how we want …  AND ultimately manage our lives in the most successful way imaginable. However,with time everywhere BUT up our sleeves life can be stressful.We feel out of control and our ability to focus on what really matters gets a lot harder. Nicole says, “Believe me, having my husband working offshore whilst I looked after our 3 gorgeous kids, WHILST building this little company FIFO Families, was no easy feat.  It took all of my will, skill, and motivation to master time management at a high level (and also thanks to Paul Counsel) that I managed to get it under control and live a life that I never knew possible”.

Now Nicole wants to share this all with you. Together with the man who helped her master this – Paul Counsel, it may just change your life.

All you need is an internet connection and the comfort of your own home!
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