The Pragmatic Optimists will inherit the earth!

Blue sky

Right now the concept of the self fulfilling prophecy deserves some thought.

If we were still in this period of financial uncertainty but no one was doing anything about it; governments were not acting in unison, politics were winning out over national leadership, small self interest groups were holding sway and banks were still being run to benefit individuals rather than serve, then we could all honestly be rightfully fearful that Armageddon was nigh.

But this is NOT what is currently happening.

Those that can are taking action and it seems that people from all parts of the globe are talking to each other and trying to fix it together.

For most of us we can’t play a role with this, but, we can decide on our own actions and what we personally do next.

My view is that life remains fabulous and that those of you who are exhibiting cautious optimism right now will inherit the future. By that I mean that whatever your world is, whatever your career is, or whatever your business environment; make plans now for the eventual return of better times and you will be well rewarded in 2, 5, 10 (whatever the right the number is) years time.

Look out further than next week. Recapture a sense of the future. Start to position yourself for it.

Life remains fabulous...

I would ask you:

  • Are you largely healthy?
  • Do you have good friends?
  • Can you afford the price of a
  • movie ticket? Is your family largely healthy?
  • Do you have a job?
  • Do you have a home?
  • Do you have access to good
  • food and water?

The vast majority of people in the developed world would answer yes to at least 5 and most likely all 7 of these questions. This is not to overlook those people who don’t tick all the boxes (they need your support too), but for most of us life remains fabulous and we need to find ways to remind ourselves every day if we are to claim our piece of the future.

Don’t waste another moment focussing on how hard it all is.

Get on with it!