Top pitfalls to avoid for mining jobseekers


If you’re a mining jobseeker, here are some tips for success and a heads-up on some of the crazy pitfalls to avoid during the application process.

Whether you’re going for your first job in the mining industry or you’re an experienced veteran, there’s plenty you can do to give your application the best possible chance of success. 


We asked one of our own veterans, Workforce General Manager Shane Moore, for some tips and advice on the various ways an applicant can catch a recruiter’s eye – for better or worse. 


Here are some of his tips for success (and a heads-up on some of the crazy pitfalls candidates sometime fall into, and you’d do well to avoid). 

What are recruiters looking for in an entry-level candidate? 

For entry-level jobs it is 99% about attitude and previous work history transferability. We also want to see that the candidates been looking into the industry a bit more deeply than I want to drive a dump truck”. 

What about experienced candidates?  

We want to see that they’re moving on from their current position for the right reasons (which is not necessarily about chasing the coin). 


Most recruiters will look at a candidate’s previous applications to see if they’ve applied for roles through them before. If they have, and they’ve not responded to messages left them, for example, then that’s a bad sign. Don’t apply to roles if you’re not going to reply to messages from your recruiter! 

What happens if there’s something unprofessional in a candidate’s work history? 

Sometimes past actions can rule a candidate out for a particular role or for future representation. For example, if someone punches another person in the wetty and in the next breath asks us for help to find their next role. That’s just not a bet we’re willing to take. 


We do understand that sometimes people make mistakes. If there’s something unprofessional or problematic in your background, we’ll have an up-front conversation with you about that before we agree to represent you. 


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What kinds of mistakes have candidates made that affected their applications? 

We had one candidate whose headline on their resume said: “My goal is to continue building my career as a Medical Sports Therapist”. They were applying for a warehousing job. It didn’t exactly say “my heart is in this job”. 


We’ve also had some candidates who’ve used some really choice language in their interview. We understand that might be how you talk in and amongst your crew, but there’s a time and place – and a job interview is neither! 


Turning up late to your interview is also a cardinal sin. But we had one candidate not only rock up late but then tell us it was because “the last interviewer just wouldn’t stop asking questions”. This one fails the attitude test on about every possible level. 

Do you really check candidates social media accounts? 

At times,we do. And if you have a profile picture that’s you with a six-foot-tall marijuana plant, that’s going to be a problem. You can always lock down your accounts while you are looking for work but remember, when you post something to the internet, it’s always stored somewhere, and forever. 


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Mining is an exciting industry with fantastic job opportunities for the right people with the right attitude. To give yourself the best chance of getting your start, or finding your next mining job, be well aware of the pitfalls above – and be sure to avoid them. 

Make sure to register your details with us to ensure you’re considered for upcoming opportunities that match your skill set. 


Dan Hatch
Mining People International