HR Consulting Overview

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Who Are We?

Our HR Services team comprises experienced recruiters, mining experienced personnel qualified in Human Resources and Career Development as well as mine site experienced managers and supervisors. We have also partnered with a premium corporate psychology provider who can assist with Culture Optimisation Programs, Transformational Leadership Programs and Indigenous Engagement Programs.

Tapping into this diverse experience

Contact us now to discuss your mining and resource specific requirements across any of the following areas.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Support - If you are too busy with mining operational matters to oversee a full recruitment project, but wish to remain in control, we can assist with delivery of any aspects of your recruitment process.
  • Remuneration Research - If you are uncertain that your pay rates are current and relevant in today’s mining employment market place , ask us to collect up to date mining salary research.
  • Independent Expert Witness/Legal Support We have advised and guided mining company employers and employees directly as well as various legal counsellors on employment disputes, legal actions and related mining employment contract matters.
  • Outplacement Support - A highly effective, respectful and supportive approach in dealing with mining industry employees in transition. The approach delivers direct support and guidance along their future career pathway.
  • Organisation Structure & Position Description Reviews - Each phase of the mining life cycle requires detailed human resource planning, demands unique skills sets and long term solid networks to assist in identifying where the people with those skills are situated.
  • Psychometric Assessment - Psychometric assessments can provide an objective and unbiased assessments of cognitive ability and job related personality traits that are associated with higher job performance.  We are partnered with a company that offers Organisational Psychology reporting,  who are accredited in psychometric assessments and can provide a range of cognitive ability (numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning) and comprehensive personality assessments.  If you are interested, please let us know and we can provide example reports that are applicable to the roles Mining People are assisting you with.

Contact us now to discuss how any of the above can give you the edge for your next job application, job search or career change.

Let our professional team assist you

We survey a large number of clients and candidates each month and over the past 12 months, nearly 90% of our clients and candidates rate us as equal to or better than our competitors.

The testimonials below are just some of the comments we’ve received back on the work we’ve done.

'Was a great meeting and I feel much more confident now.'

‘Thank you for your time and counsel. I really appreciate and respect your knowledge of industry and insightful guidance.'

‘The updated CV you sent though is brilliant and I have commenced my new role today with a lot to learn.’